Freedom Festival Hull

HUM-Radio is a new project by Superhallo. We started with an online edition at the Freedom Festival 2020. We asked the people in Hull to dedicate a hummed song with someone special in mind. The project reflects on the fact that due to covid-19 people were not able to visit or see their friends and beloved ones. HUM-Radio interacts and brings people together through the power of a hummed song from persons to person.


Becky House

Becky hums a song for her mum:


Travis and Tess

Travis and Tess hum a song for the Hum birds:


Michiel, Violet en Hannah

Michiel, Violet en Hannah hum a song for Selina:



Tess hums a song for her dog:


Andy Train

Andy hums a song for the Pride Event in Hull:


Liesbeth and Frans

Liesbeth and Frans hum a song together for everybody:
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