Knol d’Amour .

An ode to the potato

Latest news:

After 12 years of performing with Knol d’Amour, the idea arose to say goodbye to our creation and make room for new ideas.

We have found a fantastic place in Northern France, where Knol d’Amour will become a part of our Artist-in-Residence project there in 2023/2024.

Here (on our website) we would like to keep you informed about that.

Knol d’Amour will do a small farewell tour in the spring of 2023.
After that, Knol d’Amour can no longer be booked for festivals and events.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported and visited us over the past years!


Knol d’Amour is a wonderous interactive installation in which the potato plays the leading role. The Knol lives for potatoes and would like to share this love with you/the visitor. Seduce yourself to peel a potato and present this to the Knol. The beginning of an imaginative adventure in sight, sound, smell and taste. You follow your potato along show boxes, interactive machines and a laboratory. The highlight of the trip is being reunited with your potato. This is love at first sight!

Artwork postcard by: Tzenko Stoyanov




The music for Knol d’Amour is composed en performed by Jonathan Brown (Dusty Stray) and Annie Tangberg (Metroplole Orchestra / West Side Trio).

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