Knol d’Amour .

An ode to the potato

Knol d’Amour is a wonderous interactive installation in which the potato plays the leading role. The Knol lives for potatoes and would like to share this love with you/the visitor. Seduce yourself to peel a potato and present this to the Knol. The beginning of an imaginative adventure in sight, sound, smell and taste. You follow your potato along show boxes, interactive machines and a laboratory. The highlight of the trip is being reunited with your potato. This is love at first sight!

knoldamour_kaartKnol d’Amour opens a hidden world for you. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll never look at a potato in the same way again. This theatrical tribute to the potato is suitable for all ages. The production is a welcome guest on public squares, events and festivals. Winner of the Spoffin Off Audience Award in 2012.

Please note: Knol d’Amour can only be booked for 2 days or more.

Our delicious organic potatoes are sponsored by Agrico / Bioselect.

Artwork postcard by: Tzenko Stoyanov




The music for Knol d’Amour is composed en performed by Jonathan Brown (Dusty Stray) and Annie Tangberg (West Side Trio).

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