In 2020 we looked for ways to continue our work while the world around us stood still.
The starting point of our idea was to look for a way of interaction between our audience, within the rules applicable at that time.
This interaction is always an important part of our projects.

We listen to music a lot and realized that it is a powerful medium to express yourself. …Could we share a song between two people. Since not everyone can sing well (and couldn’t sing together because of the rules) we thought that the songs could be hummed. In addition, we discovered that humming is also healthy for the body and mind. That’s how Hum Radio was born. A radio station for hum songs, just for someone. A personal gift wrapped in a musical message.

Hum-Radio was first presented as an online project at the Freedom Festival 2020, in Hull, UK with support from Insitu.
Thanks to the Fund for Performing Arts (Balcony Scenes) we were able to contunue with Hum-Radio and in the spring of 2021 we held several live sessions at the Kunstgemaal gallery in Bronkhorst (NL).
From July 2021 to February 2022 Hum-Radio has played in various setups at festivals in the Netherlands and abroad.

We have archived the ‘hums’ that were donated to each other during this period.
This collection can be heard below.

Enjoy your HUM@HUM-Radio!

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